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Who is this service suitable for?

Our professional services are ideal for jewelry photographers, jewellery businessman, and individual who make jewellery and maintain a catalogue. Most of our clients have used our services for a long time and we have helped them in setting a great jewellery catalogue which has increased their business. An individual can also use our services.

Is there a demo of your services?

Yes, there is a demo service. You can send us 3 images and we will retouch them for free for new customers. What’s more, no credit card details are required. Email details are required for us to contact the customers regarding the service type and to send in the retouched images. Alternatively, you can also visit out portfolio section for other retouched image examples.

How can I submit an image for a free demo and get a price quotation?

You can send us jewellery image for a free demo on our “Free Trial” section on the website. Please include the image link in "Image URL" section. The image link could be a, or link. Include any special request you have such as size, resolution, and quality of the photo. You can also send in example images after which the uploaded images have to be fashioned. This helps us in understanding the customer needs better. We will send you the retouched images within 24-48 hours. The delivery will be delayed if the retouching request is complex. Alternatively, you can also email us ( the photos with the special requests.

Am I permitted to send in example images after which my photo must be fashioned?

Yes, you can.

Is there any minimum number of image retouching requests to utilize the services?

No, minimum order cap.

How do I send in raw photos and receive the retouched photos?

Please send raw/unedited photos via any file shareing services like:

1) - 300 MB allowed in free account

2) - 2GB file allowed in free account

3) - 2GB file allowed in free account

4) - 15 GB in free account

After uploading images on any of the above website, please send us an email on:, with instructions & images download link. **Please do not send any image in email attachment**. Email attachments often hangs for email software and we could delete it. You can also submit the form on the website with images download link and instructions. After we process images, we will email you the images download link.

What should I do if I want to retouch bulk images or if I need the service on a regular basis?

Such customers will receive a FTP account on our server where the raw/un-edited photos must be uploaded. We will check FTP on regular basis (as per your instructions) and download images and deliver/upload the processed/retouched images on the same FTP account. Since the servers belong to our company, your data will stay safe. We value the privacy of our customers.

When can I expect the results after uploading the photos?

We usally deliver the retouched results after 24-48 hours or as per the agreement. More time is sought from the customer if the retouching requires a complex process. The delivery time is also delayed if a large batch of photos is uploaded or during peak season.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the photos?

We always try to deliver the best results for our customers. In some rare case (less than 1%) where the customer requests additional revisions, that is done free of cost. If you are still not satisfied with the results we can refund you (T&C Apply).

Is your service available only to the professional photographers?

No, anyone can utilize our services.

How should I make the payment?

A PayPal invoice is usually sent to the email address of the customer. You can pay it using a credit-card/debit-card or a Paypal account. Wire transfer facility is also available on request.

When should I make the payment?

We usually send in the invoice after the retouched photos are delivered. In case of bulk retouching, we may request full or partial upfront payment depending on the complexity of the work.

Is the payment system weekly or monthly?

Once the trust with the customer has been established, we can combine several payments into single payment schedule that is weekly or monthly based on the customer preference. Others can also contact our customer care ( to request this option.

Why is retouching of large photos expensive?

Large photos have more number of pixels than a standard quality photo. Thus, manipulating and retouching so many pixels is a laborious task & time consuming, and since we maintain a certain work standard, it becomes even more difficult to attain the desired results. Thus, there is price difference.

Which types of files do you take in for retouching?

We accept all major file types. If we find a file type that cannot be retouched by our software, the same is intimated/informed to our customers. We prefer to receive JPEG/JPG files, but can also accept CR2, PNG, PSD, RAW files as well.

What is the size, format, and resolution of the retouched images?

Depends on the amount and type of retouching that the image has been subjected to.

Do you provide thumbnails and what will be the cost of it?

We provide thumbnails on our customer's request for free of charge if the thumbnail requested is of same aspect ratio.

Do you provide Mac compatible files?

Yes, we do, but on request.

Will the company claim a copyright on the retouched images?

We will never do that.

Will the retouched photos be used for any commercial activity?

No, we do not share the images with anyone except the person authorized to retouch them. We do not sell our customers images for any gains. However, if we believe that the images have turned out to be excellent, we request the customer permission to used them on our website. Customers can always deny the permission. For security reasons & privacy, after every 2 months, we delete all the previous data from our end.